Heartland Energy Solutions is an lowa-based company that produces the world’s most cost-effective 100 kW wind turbine and blades for the generation of electrical power in the moderate-wind speed market. Our expertise has led to the development of a unique, world-class turbine designed for use in the United States and worldwide where wind speeds are low but the demand for energy is high.


Freedom     100 Turbine – A significant advance in renewable energy technology


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The Freedom    100 wind turbine represents a significant advance in renewable energy technology as a more economical and efficient alternative as we are able to create electricity at wind speeds as low as 6 miles per hour. Our turbine accommodates the moderate availability and force of wind typically found within the continental US. Our smaller size also makes our turbine more user friendly – easier to ship, install and repair, causing fewer environmental concerns.

Every part of the Freedom    100 wind turbines is either manufactured in the US by a division of Heartland Energy Solutions or is purchased through a US vendor.