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Utilizing computer-aided manufacturing CNC driven blade molds, and our own patent pending mold alignment process, our blades align and meet our design tolerances within one thousandth of an inch, far surpassing our competitors. Not only is HES is the ONLY turbine manufacturer in the United States to make its own blades, we are the only manufacturer to make blades with such high precision, utilizing computer-aided manufacturing techniques.

Due to our careful and thorough blade fabrication and curing process, among other attributes, blade testing by NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) has shown that our blade has an estimated product life of over 40 years. This far exceeds any competitor in the market.

Due to current interest and future demand of our revolutionary Freedom™100 turbine, plans are underway to expand, both our turbine manufacturing plant and our blade plant.

Manufacturing the  
Freedom    100 Blades

On the same property as the turbine plant in Mount Ayr, Iowa, Heartland Energy Solutions has developed a unique 9,000 sq. ft. blade plant. We knew we needed a revolutionary blade. To achieve that goal, we developed and patented a unique computer-aided blade design. Then we built our own state-of-the-art blade plant to ensure that our blade design standards were met.

Heartland Energy Solutions has developed a 30,000 square foot plant on an 8-acre parcel in Mount Ayr, Iowa that is now manufacturing the Freedom™100 product line. This advanced manufacturing and assembly facility accommodates: five turbine manufacturing zones, light steel manufacturing and welding, sheet metal applications and assembly that either manufacturer or assemble all facets of our nacelle assembly. Within this plant, we have also developed our own extensive testing area where every nacelle assembly is thoroughly tested for several weeks before being sent from the plant to the job site to be installed.