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Product performance is what sets the Freedom™100 turbine apart from the competition. HES developed the first wind turbine designed specifically to operate economically in the lower wind speed Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 applications from 12.5 to 18 mph wind speeds. Cut in speed for the turbine is at 6 mph. Our power curve demonstrates that Freedom™100 is the most efficient in the world.

Our Freedom™100 turbine currently produces over 30% more energy on a competitive cost basis than any other turbine in its wind speed class on the market per our data.

Blade testing by NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) has shown that our blade has an estimated product life  of over 40 years. This far exceeds any competitor in the market.

The Freedom™100 turbine has been designed for a greater ease of maintenance than conventional turbines. Our unique modular design allows for individual components, like the drive shaft, to be “swapped” out in the field, giving us another competitive maintenance  advantage.

Everything from blades to the generator can be removed and replaced in the field with minimal effort

The Freedom™100 is designed to connect  directly to a 3 phase 480 volt power line. Our turbine is able to be directly connected to the grid, or not.

Our Power Curve

The following graph shows wind speed in miles per hour versus output power in kilowatt of the Freedom™ series 100 kW wind turbine under ideal conditions. The curve is shown extending to 100kW and showing the design margin allowed for wind gust conditions.