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  • 100 kW power output

  • Higher annual energy production (AEP) with over a 30% cost advantage per kWh produced per dollar invested.

  • Operating speeds as low as 6 mph, cut in speed at 6 mph, and a design that operates economically at 12.5 to 18 mph and above wind speeds.

  • Low installation and maintenance costs – aided by our unique component module design, which allows for individual components, to be “swapped” out in the field. Everything from blades to the generator can be removed and replaced in the field with minimal effort.

  • Our turbine can be connected to a 3 phase, and the turbine does not have to be connected directly to the grid.

Anyone interested in finding out more information about purchasing a Freedom™ 100 turbine please contact our sales department.

Director of Sales – Dale Kever
(515) 321-2687 Direct

President/CEO – Charles Sharp
(949) 378-2322 Direct

Cost of Your Turbine

The retail price of the Freedom™100 includes the turbine, blades and tower. Installation costs vary depending on permit costs, utility connection fees, soil and geologic conditions, concrete and reinforcing steel costs, the distance from the turbine to the hookup, both from the cost of wire and the cost of trenching and other factors.

Regulations regarding planning, zoning and permitting to install wind turbines varies around the world, from national to regional and local requirements. Before beginning your project, a site evaluation with Heartland Energy Solutions engineers and a meeting with the local electrical provider will be required. A preliminary investigation of local building, zoning and planning codes, is recommended.

Key Attributes of the Freedom     100 Turbine